About Us

ICT Healthcare is a growth-oriented, quality-focused owner and operator of US hospitals.

We currently own or manage surgical facilities in Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Oklahoma City.

Our mission is to drive improvement to local healthcare through operational excellence and being intentional about our relationships with the communities, medical staff and hospital teams we serve.

We serve our communities and return value to our stakeholders by building value in local hospitals. Our laser focus on growth and stability is a product of 150+ years of combined experience owning and operating hospitals.

Simply put, we have proven we know how to drive revenue and control costs in these facilities.

Why Choose ICT?

  • Proven results driven by a uniquely experienced team
  • Manage by evaluating opportunity through information and as much data as possible
  • Focus on fundamentals that make a difference to patients, physicians, and financial strength of the institution
  • Implement disciplined processes for patient care, financial, and operational success
  • Proven enterprise-wide reporting system to drive quality, operations, and financial success – includes finance, budgeting, detailed quality metrics, labor utilization, expense management, and statistical goals
  • Low-cost operating structure
  • Team includes depth in all functional areas including Governance, Business Development, Growth initiatives, Accounting, Systems Implementation, Enterprise Reporting, Equipment Planning, IT, Digital Health, Quality, Change Management, RCM, and others
  • Drive growth through relentless pursuit of physician partners and ability to solve problems that affect business building efforts

Turnkey Facility management program

Keys to success

Case Study OKC Hospital

Operational discipline and a proven outreach methodology has demonstrated our ability to drive results. ICT acquired a former SCA-owned hospital in Oklahoma City in 2018.

Through cost savings and effective sales and marketing, we have turned the facility around in dramatic fashion.